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Cottonball Ceramic Country Crock with Lid

The 24 oz Cotton Ball Ceramic Crock is available in six scents. 

Available Scents:
Item #910341 - Billowy Breeze: Allow yourself to daydream with clean air intertwined with sweet jasmine, musk, cedarwood, and African violet.

Item #910342 - Hillside Orchard: A rich orchard breeze filled with hints of peach, honeysuckle, and crisp Macintosh apples.

Item #910343 - Log Cabin Kitchen: Comforting aromas of the country kitchen: warm bread, fruits, nuts, cinnamon spice, golden maple syrup, and brown sugar.

Item #910344 - Mountain Wildflower: A light musky base unified with mid notes of jasmine, violet, and orchid, with light top notes of bergamot make up this fresh, floral fragrance.

Item #910345 - Peanut Butter Cookie: A warm, luscious vanilla cookie is blended with notes of creamy peanut butter to create this delicious treat!

Item #910346 - Vanilla Nutmeg: Creamy vanilla merged with rich ground nutmeg, grated cinnamon, warm clove, and rich buttery notes to create this mouth-watering blend.